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  • Card Reader for Sony VeniceĀ 
  • Compatible with Sony AXS S66 Card
  • 1 x AXS Card Slot
  • 2 x Thunderbolt 3 Ports
  • Daisy-Chain Functionality
  • Read Speeds up to 1200 MB/s
  • AC Power Adapter Included

The Sony AXS-AR3 Memory Card Reader allows you to easily import X-OCN and ProRes video files from your AXS S66 memory card via a Thunderbold 3 connection. This card reader features read speeds of up to 1200 MB/s and features 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports which allows for daisy-chaining additional card readers and other accessories for simultaneous use. Power is provided via an included AC adapter. This card reader allows for a maximum data read speed of up to 9.6 Gb/s (1200 MB/s). Sony Venice card reader. SD card reader for sony venice camera. sony venice reader. venice drive reader. sony venice drive dock. thunderbolt card reader. Sony venice reader. The AXS-AR3 Memory Card Reader is available to rent or sub rent from Cine Visuals.