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ARRI Impression V Filters

ARRI Impression V Filters | Available Now For Rental

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ARRI Impression V Filters for Signature Prime and Zoom Lenses – full sets, partial sets, or single lenses available to rent / sub rent from  Cine Visuals
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ARRI Impression V Filters

  • For Arri Signature Prime and Zoom Lenses
  • Set of 8 filters
  • Subtle Vintage Look
  • Multiple Looks with a Single Lens
ARRI Signature Prime Full Set

Add subtle, creative diopter-style alterations to your Signature prime or zoom lens with this Impression V Filter Kit from ARRI. The kit includes four positive Impression V filters and four negative Impression V filters, a shim set, a hook-and-loop tab set, and an aluminum case to store and transport the whole kit. The filters are compatible with most ALEXA cameras, including the ALEXA 35, Mini LF, LF, Classic, XT, and SXT. The filters are constructed with durable materials and clear optical glass.

Each Impression V filter is a rear filter designed for ARRI Signature prime or zoom lenses, and it quickly installs via convenient magnets on the rear of the lens. Arri Signature filters, arri rear element filters, impression filters rent los angeles, arri impression filters. The negative diopter filters provide a grittier look, subtly altering the bokeh highlights and intense backgrounds with a slightly sharper look. The positive diopter filters provide a more glamorous feel, brighter skin tones, and a softer background.

Arri Impression V Filters are available for rental or sub-rental now from Cine Visuals.