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LEITZ / LEICA THALIA Full Frame Prime Lenses | Available Now For Rental

Focal Lengths

24mm Macro | 30mm | 35mm | 45mm | 55mm Macro | 70mm | 90mm-T | 100mm | 120mm Macro | 180mm

LEITZ / LEICA Cine Lenses full sets, partial sets, or single lenses available to rent / sub rent from Cine Visuals
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LEITZ / LEICA THALIA Full Frame Prime Lenses

  • Large Format – covers every sensor up to Alexa 65
  • PL or LPL Mount
  • 95mm Front Diameter (92mm thread)
  • Image Circle: 60mm
  • 15-blade iris – circular through all stops
  • Gradual focus and light fall off towards edges of frame
  • Natural and smooth skin tones
  • Support for Cooke/i and Arri LDS-2 data
Leitz / Leica Thalia 45mm Prime Cine Lens
Leitz Thalia Line Up


Focal Length24mm Macro30mm35mm45mm55mm Macro70mm90mm-T100mm120mm Macro180mm
ApertureT3.6 - 22T2.9 - 22T2.6 - 22T2.9 - 22T2.8 - 22T2.6 - 22T2.2 - 22T2.2 - 22T2.6 - 22T3.6 - 22
Close Focus (ft)7.8"1’8”1’10”2’11.7"1’8”3'2’4”22.5"5’
Weight (lb)3.133.313.083.213.612.342.32.563.663.57
Length (in)4.9”5.2”5.2”5.2”6.1”4.9”4.9"4.9”6.9”6.1”
Angle of View (S65)96.9°84.1°75.4°62°52.4°42.3°33.5º30.3°25.4°17.1°
Angle of View (FF)73.7°61.9°54.4°43.6°36.2°28.8°22.6º20.4°17.1°11.4°
Angle of View (S35)54.8°45.1°39.2°30.9°25.5°20.2°15.7º14.2°11.8°7.9°
Image Circle60mm60mm60mm60mm60mm60mm60mm60mm60mm60mm
Front Diameter95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm
Iris Blades15151515151515151515
Lens MountPL and LPLPL and LPLPL and LPLPL and LPLPL and LPLPL and LPLPL and LPLPL and LPLPL and LPLPL and LPL


The Leica Thalia lenses are specially designed for large format cinematography, boasting a 60mm image circle to cover every sensor size.

The 9 lenses in the set, ranging from 24mm to 180mm, feature matching 95mm front diameters and PL mounts with /i technology contacts for metadata. A 15-blade iris leads to a consistently circular shape at every stop to provide bokeh that is full of character.

Designed with today’s digital sensors in mind, they offer cinematographers the classic look that has come to be synonymous with Leica without being too sharp.

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