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Based in Los Angeles, our lens technicians have knowledge and experience working on cine lenses by numerous manufacturers of spherical and anamorphic lenses, including but not limited to:

  • Leitz / Cooke / TLS / GL Optics / Hawk / Zeiss / Arri / Angenieux / Tribe 7 / Atlas

We are dedicated to providing quality service to rental houses and lens owners for Leitz/Leica and other cinema lenses.

Our lens service team:

Scott Gleine (General Manager / Lens Technician)

  • Servicing lenses and managing the department at Cine Visuals for the last 6 years
  • 10 years of experience at Clairmont Camera servicing and repairing lenses
  • Factory service training certification from Leitz Cine Wetzlar in Germany

Alan Legrady (Lens Technician)

  • 10 years of industry experience, the last 3 years working at Hawk Los Angeles as a lens technician

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Test Projection
  • Cleaning (Front/Rear Elements and Lens Body)
  • Calibration (Shimming, Collimation)
  • Re-lubrication of parts
  • Optical centering adjustments
  • Ordering and replacing parts or lens elements
  • Cosmetic improvements (re-painting lens engravings)

Whether it’s basic maintenance before your next job or complicated repairs, we are ready to help.

Contact to get an estimate and discuss options for the best approach to fix your lens.

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