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OPTEX Excellence | Available Now For Rental

Periscopes & Probes available to rent / sub rent from Cine Visuals
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OPTEX Excellence

  • 360° Optical Image Rotation
  • T 5.6 Apeture 
  • Interchangeable Format Modules
  • 4 Compact Prime Lenses
Innovision Probe 2 Plus

The Optex Excellence 35mm Probe/Periscope System is a engineering masterpiece in the world of probe lenses. Not only is it the worlds first modular probe system, all of it’s components are color matched. This means the operator is able to utilize the system as a probe or periscope and can trust that the image will maintain continuity no matter what. Optex excellence probe periscope rental, best cine probe, optex probe pl mount rental rent los angeles. The Optex Excellence is one of the best probe systems made. Optically sharp and fast enough for shooting in less than ideal lighting environments, the Optex uses its own unique lenses to create beautiful images. The Optex Excellence is now available for rental at Cine Visuals. 

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