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Fujinon Premier Zooms

Fujinon Premier Full Frame Zoom Lenses (PL) – AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL

Focal Lengths Available:

14.5-45mm | 18-85mm | 24-180mm | 75-400mm

Fujinon Cine Lenses available for rent / sub rent from Cine Visuals
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Fujinon Premier Full Frame Zoom Specs

  • Super 35 Coverage
  • 136mm Front Diameter
  • Image Circle: 33mm
  • Distortion is exceptionally low
  • Sharp imaging with minimal aberration
  • 280° Focus Rotation
  • PL mount
Fuji Premier Zoom 75-400mm


Focal Length14.5-45mm18-85mm24-180mm75-400mm
ApertureT2T2T2.6T2.8 (T3.8 @ 400mm)
Close Focus (ft)2.3'2.7'4.1'6.6'
Weight (lb)14.315.219.619.6
Length (in)12.2"13.9"16"17.5"
Front Diameter136mm136mm136mm136mm


Fujinon HK Premier Zooms are designed for the highest performance cameras. They exhibit minimal breathing when focusing. Image quality is consistent and repeatable. Coatings and elements of all lenses are consistently color matched. The 280 degree focus barrel rotation ensures an expanded focus scale, with accurate and consistent marks.

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