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Skater Scope Mini T-Rex

Skater Scope Mini T-Rex | Available Now For Rental

Periscopes & Probes available to rent / sub rent from Cine Visuals
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Skater Scope Mini T-Rex

  • T-Stop 5.6
  • Tilt Module Range: +105° to -105°
  • 360° Optical Image Rotation
  • All Gears Can be Motor Driven
  • Macro Functionality
  • Available Mounts: PL, BNCR, PV
Innovision Probe 2 Plus

The Skater Scope Mini T-Rex is a compact snorkel lens system. Its versatility and size make it a useful tool for camera operators when working on set in critical lighting situations. It can be used straight (as a boroscope) or tilted (as a periscope) at any angle, this allows the camera operator to capture imagery from various angles and perspectives.

Additionally, it has an aperture of T 5.6, which makes it faster than comparable scope systems, it is optimized for size and light transmission, and it is designed for the Super 35 format.

The lens also has a separate Image Rotation Ring that allows the image to be rotated 360 degrees around the optical axis, which can be useful for leveling the horizon or to achieve specific camera angles. It also has a macro adjustment ring that allows the user to extend the close focus to macro.