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Cine Visuals

Cine Lens Rentals & Service

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Angenieux Optimo Prime 18mm
Cooke Anamorphic SF S35 32mm
Zeiss Super Speed 18mm
Canon K35 Macro Zoom Lens 24-120mm
Blackwing7 Prime Lens 57mm
Fujinon Premier HK Series 18-85mm T2.0
Arri Signature 58mm Prime Lens T1.8
Gecko Genesis G-35 Vintage '66
Gecko Cam
TLS Canon K35
TLS True Lens Services
Zero Optik Canon K35
Zeiss Super Speed 18mm

Specialties, Too

More than just lenses, we offer a broad range of specialty items for rental to capture your cinematography visions with ease.

Optica Magnus Full Fame Director's Lens Finder

Director’s Finders

Shift Tilt Lens System

Tilt Shift Lens Systems

IBE OPTICS LPLX2 VV 2x Extender for VistaVision Format LPL Mount Lenses


Skater Scope Mini T-Rex

Macro Systems

About Cine Visuals

Cine Visuals is a Boutique Cine Lens Rental House and Cine Lens Service Center. We’re proud to have one of the largest and most unique collections of cine lenses on the planet with all the latest modern lenses on the market along with all the vintage, time-tested optics you’ve loved for years rehoused for modern equipment. 

Specializing in only lenses and lens accessories for the past 10 years, we’ve been supporting the largest rental houses in North America and around the world. We have the best lens technician team, consistently delivering our clients the best lenses in the best condition every time. 

At Cine Visuals, we’re humans serving humans, committed to providing the best service to all our friends, old and new. Supporting you with lens service and the best quality lenses anywhere. Contact us to get renting and see why you’ll be coming back for more!

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