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LOMO SUPER SPEEDS – S35 Prime Lenses | Available Now For Rental

Focal Lengths

18mm | 22mm | 28mm | 35mm | 50mm | 75mm | 100mm

Lomo Super Speed Lenses full sets, partial sets, or single lenses available to rent / sub rent from Cine Visuals
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  • Super 35 Coverage
  • PL Mount
  • 95mm Front Diameter
  • 1980s Russian Cinema Lenses
  • Rehoused by GL Optik
  • Vintage character
LEITZ / LEICA R [TLS] Full Frame Prime Lenses


Focal Length18mm22mm28mm35mm50mm75mm100mm
Close Focus (ft)8"8"9"10"14"27"36"
Front Diameter95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm
Length (in)4.6"4"4"4"4"4"4"
Weight (lb)33222.52.53


Born of Soviet-era Russian glass, these lenses have a flattering sharpness with low contrast and vintage personality. Coming in focal lengths of 18mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm, their modern GL Optics rehousing of the Super Speeds cover Super 35 with minimal focus breathing. All lenses have a common front diameter of 95mm and matching gear positions for ease of use on any fast paced feature, commercial, or passion project.

These were the highest performing cinema lenses being made in Russia, and their performance is still impressive today. Wide open they have lower-contrast, are flattering, and highlights bloom slightly. Stopped down to T2, contrast and sharpness increases dramatically. At T2.8 they are very sharp. They have an incredible analogue character, they flare easily and in a very beautiful way. Also worth noting, focus breathing is extremely well controlled in this set, and virtually non-existent on the wide focal lengths. These are rehoused lenses, with modern, reliable, repeatable mechanics. The focus throw is now 330 degrees and buttery smooth. Close focus has been greatly improved on all of the lenses. They all have matching 95mm fronts and matching gear positions. These lenses offer a unique vintage character without sacrificing performance. Lomo Super Speeds are available to rent or sub-rent now from Cine Visuals as a full set, partial set, or single lenses. Contact us for a rental quote.


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