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Cooke Anamorphic 2.0x (S35) Prime Lenses | Available Now For Rental

Focal Lengths

25mm | 32mm | 40mm | 50mm | 65mm Macro | 75mm | 100mm | 135mm | 180mm | 300mm

Cooke Anamorphic 2.0x (S35) Prime Lenses – full sets, partial sets, or single lenses available to rent / sub rent from
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Cooke Anamorphic 2.0x (S35) Prime Lenses

  • Super 35 Coverage
  • 2x Anamorphic Squeeze
  • T2.3 Aperture (all lenses except 65, 180, 300)
  • PL mount with /i technology lens data
  • Image Circle: 33.5mm
  • “Standard” version: minimal lens flares
  • “SF” version: blue horizontal lens flares
  • Smooth, cam driven focus mechanism
  • Classic “Cooke Look” optical quality
  • Color matched to all Cooke lenses
Cooke Anamorphic SF S35 32mm Prime Lens
Cooke Anamorphic 2x S35 Prime Lens Line Up


Focal Length25mm32mm40mm50mm65mm Macro75mm100mm135mm180mm300mm
Front Diameter136mm110mm110mm110mm136mm110mm110mm110mm110mm136mm
Close Focus (ft)2'9"2'9"2'9"2'9"18"3'3"3'8"4'8"6'6"10'
Weight (lb)
Length (in)87.687.687.6810.17.687.687.6811.6514.88
Lens MountPL - /i dataPL - /i dataPL - /i dataPL - /i dataPL - /i dataPL - /i dataPL - /i dataPL - /i dataPL - /i dataPL - /i data


Cooke Anamorphic /i 2x prime lenses are designed to cover the super 35 format and provide the classic anamorphic lens characteristics sought after by many filmmakers. The Anamophic /i lenses incorporate the trademark “Cooke Look”, offering superb optical and mechanical performance. Distortion, veiling glare, flares, and all aberrations are controlled at all apertures over the whole field of view.

On the “Standard” version of the lenses, flaring is well controlled and minimal. The “SF” (Special Flare) version of the lenses contain different coatings that give a more pronounced, classic blue horizontal flare.