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Canon 25-1000mm Duvo HZK

Canon 25-1000mm Duvo HZK – Full Frame Cine-Servo Lens | Available Now For Rental

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Canon 25-1000mm Duvo HZK

  • Spherical Zoom
  • Full Frame Coverage (with built-in 1.5x extender)
  • PL Mount
  • 245mm Front Diameter
  • T2.8-5 Max Aperture Range
  • 28.5mm Image Circle (41.3mm with built in extender)
  • Soft, Natural Looking Bokeh
Canon Rangefinder (TLS)


Focal Length25-1000mm
Weight (lb)61.7
Front Diameter245mm
Lens MountPL


The Duvo HZK 25-1000mm Zoom from Fujinon is a box-style lens that features a PL mount, a 40x zoom range, a built-in 1.5x extender, and a T2.8 maximum aperture at 25mm. It offers the highest combination of magnification and telephoto reach currently available for cine-style cameras. When used with a large sensor camera, the Duvo HZK 25-1000mm zoom both enables low-light capture and produces impressive bokeh effects, lending an immersive, shallow depth-of-field cinematic look to broadcast and live event production. The built-in extender expands the zoom range to 37.5 to 1500mm, creating a super telephoto lens. The optical image stabilization function uses Fuji’s ceramic ball roller system to enable stable capture while compensating for vibrations in a venue, any operator shake, and windy conditions. Large-aperture aspherical elements and a fluorite lens help to eliminate ghosting, flares, and color fringing, producing high optical performance and natural images.

The Fuji Duvo HZK 25-1000mm Zoom is available for rental or sub-rental from Cine Visuals!


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